Granola $5.50

All of the granola flavors start with a base of oatmeal, oil, a natural sweetener, and a little salt and vanilla. The natural sweeteners are maple syrup from Chandler’s Sugar Shack in Kossuth, honey, and molasses. Combinations of nuts and chocolate or white chips add more flavor.

All of the granola is handmade and packaged. You’ll get single pieces of oatmeal as well as chunks in varying sizes.

Great right out of the bag as a stand-alone snack that’s high in fiber and nutrients. Granola can be added to yogurt, ice cream and pudding, and eaten as cereal when you add a little milk. Fuel your body for winter sports, fun and work with a granola snack.

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More flavors are coming soon. Chocolate Peanut Butter is up next!

Pecan Maple

Pecan Maple Granola has local maple syrup and pecans are basic, simple, nutritious editions. This granola doesn’t have a lot of sweetness but it does have the rich maple flavor from real maple syrup.

White Craisin

White Craisin granola is the sweetest batch made at Tressa & Trudy. White morsels, red craisins (cranberry raisins) and honey make a fairly sweet granola but because granola is filling, you probably won’t be tempted to overdo.

Chocolate Walnut

Chocolate Walnut Granola is sweet and hardy. Chopped walnuts are baked with the granola and then semi-sweet morsels are added when the granola cools. Sweetened with honey.

Chocolate Pecan Maple

Chocolate Pecan Maple is a loaded granola. Chocolate chips, chopped pecans, craisins and maple syrup make a granola with big flavor.