A variety of jams and jellies are always available. $5 per half pint jar. Wild harvested berries are used when available, and Maine cider is always used in Apple Cider Jelly. Blackberries and raspberries are wild harvested so when the jam and jelly is sold out it’s gone until the following year.

  • Wild Blackberry jam
  • Local Blueberry jam, made with high bush blueberries
  • Wild Maine Blueberry jam
  • Wild Raspberry jam
  • Strawberry jam
  • Apple Cider jelly
  • Strawberry jelly

Cranberry Sauce by the Pint

$10 pint

Locally grown cranberries from Sugar Hill Cranberry Co in Columbia Falls, Maine. The quality of cranberries and customer service are excellent.

  • Cranberry Sauce from late October or early November until it’s gone. Cranberry sauce is a traditional Thanksgiving side but also a favorite throughout the year. Add it to a turkey sandwich or enjoy it as a side at a summer cookout.