Cookies that are available for mail order show as links. They are at the top of the page.

Hearty Chocolate ChipHearty Chocolate Chip – A Chocolate Chip Cookie with oatmeal – not an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips! This cookie is hearty, filling, satisfying, a little soft in the center, a bit crispy on the edges, and filled with chocolate chips. You probably won’t see big flakes of oatmeal but you’ll know it’s there!

peanut butter fudge cookiePeanut Butter Fudge – Yes, this cookie really does taste like the peanut butter fudge Mum and Nana made. This soft cookie doesn’t ship well so we’re limited to pickup only. Soft, moist, chewy. You’ll want a glass of milk, or a cup of coffee or tea to go with this cookie.

maple chocolate chip cookies, chandler's sugar shack, maple cookiesMaple Chocolate Chip – Made with maple syrup from Chandler’s Sugar Shack in Kossuth. The cookie is sweet, soft in the center, crispy on the edges, and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Oatmeal – Soft, not too sweet. This is a favorite with a glass of milk or cup of tea or coffee. Because I don’t use a lot of sugar in this cookie, it’s a nice treat for breakfast. An old-fashioned classic cookie. Email ahead of time if you’re going to be in the bakery to pick up and would like to add chocolate chips or raisins.

Seasonal Cookies

Eating seasonally applies to cookies! Pumpkin, molasses, and eggnog are tasty examples. Seasonal holiday and special occasion sugar cookies are below. Come into the bakery to see all of them and possibly more that aren’t on the website yet!

Molasses – Soft and chewy, rolled in Turbinado sugar. These cookies are so soft and chewy they’re packaged with parchment between each cookie so they don’t stick together. A great snowstorm cookie!

Pumpkin – A soft pumpkin cookie that may be iced.

Soft Eggnog CookiesEggnog – Eggnog cookies are one of our favorite Christmas treats. This is a soft cookie with white icing.

Holiday Sugar Cookies

We had sugar cookies at Christmas only when I was growing up. They’re simple, sweet, versatile, and they’re here at Tressa & Trudy for lots of holidays and occasions. All cookies are iced unless ordered plain so that you may do the decorating!

  • January – Snowflakes and snowmen and women. It’s winter! Have a cookie and a mug of something warm to drink.
  • Valentine’s Day – Heart shaped cookies. Iced in red, and white with designs.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Green shamrocks. I hear tell these are a leprechaun’s favorite! It must be the green icing.
  • Easter – Easter Eggs, of course. Colorful and lots of fun.
  • Mother’s Day – A variety of shapes and colors in pretty designs. Flowers, hearts, wrench and other tools. Looking for something specific? Give Robin a call.
  • Father’s Day – Give the men in your life something sweet! Wrench, hammer and other tools, tie, top hat, and more.
  • September – Welcome to Autumn, Robin’s favorite season. Leaves, acorns, apples, and more.
  • October – Add pumpkins, candy corn, bats, black cats, ghosts and lots more to celebrate Samhein and Halloween.
  • November – Turkeys, pumpkin pie, pumpkins, and all of the September shapes.
  • December – The biggest assortment of shapes happen in December. Christmas, Yule, Solstice, whatever you celebrate, there’s a cookie. Snowflake, snowman and woman, mitten, star, stocking, tree, angel, candy cane and lots more.
    Gingerbread Cookies – The December selection of cookies is available in Gingerbread. Colored icing is replaced with white icing.

Special Occasion Sugar Cookies

Celebrate the special occasions with cookies! It’s important to celebrate the exciting times in life.

  • Baby Shower – Assorted cookies in baby foot, heart, bib, Onsie, bottle, baby duck and more. Available in pastel pink, blue, green, yellow, and white. We’ll talk about specifics when you place your order.
  • Sports – Basketball, softball, baseball, football, tennis.
  • Bridal Shower – A heart cookie with white icing and ruffle.