Good bread is its own food group. Hearty, filling, sustaining, delicious. There should be more to bread than airy slices that do nothing more than hold the ingredients of a sandwich together. I add a new bread now and then that shows up on the shelf before it makes it to the website.

Multigrain – One of the two best-selling breads at Tressa & Trudy. The whole grains in this bread are full of fiber, have a wholesome flavor, and will help you stay full while you work away the day. Also great at lunch for a sandwich and as a side for soup, chowder, chili and stew.

Sandwich White – Chewy but light. Slices form around your sandwich fixings without tearing or losing its nice texture.

Traditional White – Nana’s white bread, made every Saturday morning, sliced while hot, slathered in butter, and devoured in minutes. She made two loaves so she’d have one left for Sunday dinner. This is also a nice sandwich bread but when I’m making toast, this is the white bread I choose.

rustic white bread, ready for the oven
Whole Wheat White – Freshly ground white wheat berries make up part of the flour in this loaf. It gives the bread excellent texture without compromising the crumb. Great for sandwiches but be prepared, this isn’t the sandwich you’re probably used to eating. Rustic White is a main ingredient in the sandwich, not just a means of holding the contents together. Each loaf is made with two pounds of dough, twice the size of many homemade breads.

Anadama – Traditional New England Saturday night supper is baked beans, red hotdogs, and Anadama or brown bread. Anadama is made with milk instead of water, fine cornmeal flour, and molasses. It’s rich and hardy. Great with butter or honey! This loaf also makes a really nice, satisfying sandwich. Perfect as a side with soups and stews.

Oatmeal – The second of my best selling bread. Each loaf of Oatmeal bread starts out with two pounds of dough. Oatmeal outdoes itself in the rising department. It’s a big hearty loaf made with rolled oats. French toast, sandwiches, toast, grilled cheese, buttered – you can’t go wrong with Oatmeal bread.

Whole Grain Whole Wheat  – Made with ground red wheat berries, the flour is so fresh it’s still warm when the dough is made. Also contains white flour to keep the loaf from being too dense and heavy. This is a nice sandwich bread, makes great toast, and is a nice side to soups, stews and chowders. Each loaf is made with two pounds of dough, twice the size of many homemade breads.

Yeast Rolls – Yeasty, high, and perfect as a side for most any meal.

homemade English muffin, English muffins

English Muffins – A lightly toasted English muffin with butter, jam, or peanut butter makes a quick breakfast or a nice snack. Our English muffins will need to be fork split, or if you’re in a hurry, slice them with a bread knife. I like to toast them on hot cast iron for a breakfast sandwich.

Sourdough – A loaf of sourdough from Grace, my sourdough starter, takes its time. I feed the starter the night before I’ll be baking and then again in the morning, two hours before I create the dough. Sourdough bread isn’t kneaded. At timed intervals I pull the dough from four directions, one pull each. It’s done several times before the dough is rolled out onto the butcher block, cut and weighed, shaped, and placed in proofing baskets. Depending on the temperature in the bakeshop, the dough will be baked at the end of the day or left for a cold rise overnight and baked in the morning. Slow fermentation contributes to a rich depth of flavor.