Sub Rolls in the Making

Welcome to Tressa & Trudy, locally known as T&T. If you’ve been here before you might remember the possibility of mail order. As T&T gets busier it becomes more difficult to handle mail order. This is a one-woman show so it’s especially important to maintain balance. Serving my local community and keeping up the quality of lifestyle I enjoy outside of work are very important to me. This includes wholesale accounts. If you’re interested in wholesale information please email me.

Is there something you’d like me to bake that isn’t here on the website? Let me know! I’m happy to consider everything my license will cover, and I’ve only said no once.

I’m Robin, co-owner along with my husband Steve. I’m the baker (planner, recipe creator), business manager, dish washer, custodian, and door greeter. You can read more about how T&T came to be. T&T has evolved into more than bread and pastry. The kitchen license includes jams and jellies. Imagine a warm slice of Oatmeal toast spread with Wild Blackberry or Washington County Blueberry Jam. Or how about a warm biscuit with Apple Cider Jelly? Whole Wheat crackers (coming soon) with Hot Pepper Jelly over cream cheese on an appetizer tray. Yeast rolls with Sunday dinner, Anadama Bread to go with baked beans, hot dogs and coleslaw on Saturday night.

We grow and harvest food year round in a high tunnel and sell extras, mostly tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs. There will be beet greens this spring! Nature crafts will find their way to T&T. Smudge sticks made from herbs and flowers I grow and evergreen stems wild harvested from our land are used to purify air, keep mosquitoes at bay, and more.

Each week I post breads, cookies and other items that are available. My bake schedule revolves around requests, wholesale orders, and recipes I’ve created. Open to the public on Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to noon, and by appointment. Call ahead if you need something earlier in the week. 214-8512.

Special occasions are one of my favorite parts of being a baker. Cupcakes for showers are always fun. We can work out mini jars of jams and jellies for your wedding favors. My recipe for sugar cookies is buttery, crisp around the edge and soft in the center. I’ll do the baking, you do the decorating. Or let the kids decorate! Available in Easter, Autumn, Christmas and nature shapes.

Special orders are also a favorite. We can work together to create a bread, jam, cookie or other item specifically for your business. Perhaps your lodge serves dinner? A mini loaf of Whole Wheat bread served on a bread board with soft butter and a knife is classic. For larger seatings we can put together two or three complimenting breads such as Whole Wheat and Country White or Oatmeal and Anadama. Let’s work together. I thoroughly enjoyed working with a family who picked gallons of blackberries and brought them to me. I made their jam, the applied their label, and the sold it in their gift shop. We have lots of options and can put together a nice plan in a hour or so.

You can learn more about our homestead at A Life In The Wild.