Bread in the oven
Whole Wheat Coming Out of the Oven

Tressa & Trudy is a rustic bakery located on our homestead in Washington County, Maine. Hearty loaves of whole grain bread are excellent for sandwiches, as a side with soup, stew and chowder, as croutons for you salads and soups, and with butter or jam. Some of the flours are still warm from the grinder when the bread is made. Hearty bread. The kind of bread you can slice with a good bread knife without flattening the loaf.

Looking for something sweet? Cookies and high-peaked muffins might be exactly what you want. Muffins aren’t available for shipping so you’ll have to stop into the bakery for these delicious treats. How about bagels? Old family recipes, cookie cutters handed down through generations, and my childhood cookie jar keep this small business rooted in family and tradition.

The bakery is expanding soon to add retail sales. Oh the plans! Stop in on tasting days to try samples of recipes I’m working on. Imagine a pop-up opening on Saturday mornings when you can stop in for Apple Cider donuts, still warm and dusted with sugar.

Wholesale customers are welcome! Please call Robin at 214-8512.